Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training in New York State

Are you in compliance?

Every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training. An employer who does not use the model training developed by the Department of Labor and Division of Human Rights must ensure that the training they use meets or exceeds the minimum standards.

HR Proactive’s Video DVD Training Kit with Policy is:

  • Highly interactive and experiential with case studies and lots of examples to ensure employees understand the concepts related to sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Includes definition of sexual harassment as defined by the Department of Labor/Human Rights;
  • Provides detailed list of examples of behaviors that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment at work;
  • Kit provides links to useful resources concerning federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment and remedies for victims of sexual harassment;
  • Training includes material on what to do if you have witnessed or experienced sexual harassment;
  • Separate training included for supervisors/managers to focus on their role & responsibilities as it pertains to modeling respectful behavior.

Each employee must receive Anti-Sexual Harassment Training on an annual basis, starting October 9, 2018.


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With our Prevent Sexual Harassment video DVD kit, you receive:

  • 30-minute video DVD for Supervisors/Managers
  • 20-minute video DVD for Employees
  • Substantial Leader Guide (Word format)
  • Reproducible Participant Guide (Word format)
  • Supplemental Guide with Case Studies
  • (2) Professional PowerPoint Presentations (Manager and Employee versions)
  • Manager’s Checklist
  • Well-crafted Sexual Harassment Policies (Word format)
  • Quiz and Quiz Key
  • Reproducible Certificate of Completion
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Your Learners

This video DVD Training Kit is also available on USB Flash Drive, MP4, SCORM 1.2 or as an online training course library.

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Our video DVD kit offers a simple solution for employers to roll-out training:

  • Watch the Video

    Have employees watch the video

  • Read the Policy

    Review the Participant Guide

  • Complete the Quiz

    Complete the quiz


Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Louisiana State University Eunice conducted their bi-annual Faculty/Staff Workshop which included sexual harassment awareness training presented from the HR Proactive Sexual Harassment Video DVD. At the end of the training, each employee was asked to fill out a survey rating the information from the video in the following areas: usefulness, timeliness, adequate coverage, and overall rating. Information presented from the Sexual Harassment Video DVD received an overall rating of 95% (Excellent) from faculty and staff at LSU Eunice.

I was extremely pleased with the statistically data from the survey because it confirmed the verbal feedback I received from our faculty and staff after the workshop. Examples of feedback I received were, “I really enjoyed the video”, “it was very informative”, “the video was current and included up-to-date information”, “great presentation, not boring at all”, “by far better than the information presented in the past”, and “not too long, not too short, just right”. As you can see, an overwhelming majority of faculty and staff really enjoyed the video and they also communicated that they wanted to receive more training like this in the future.

Thank you, HR Proactive, for providing us with useful information to help our campus maintain an environment free from sexual harassment.

Atina Guillory Wright- MSHRM Career Services Coordinator/Advisor Louisiana State University Eunice