Who We Are

HR Proactive has provided training and investigation services to workplaces in Canada and the U.S.A. since 1997. We specialize in training (in-person and on line) and investigations related to workplace discrimination, harassment and violence. We have compliance training programs to assist employers to create and maintain respectful workplaces.

Workplace sexual harassment and violence are increasingly being recognized as workplace hazards in occupational health and safety laws. This change increases the onus on employers to respond effectively. HR Proactive Inc. has produced a policy and training package that exceeds the government’s requirements to have a policy and conduct training. Our video DVD kit offers a simple solution for employers to roll- out training ex. 1. Have employees Watch the Video and 2. Review the Participant Guide and 3. Do the Quiz.

Our Experience

Together HR Proactive consultants have decades of experience in human rights, workplace investigations, dispute resolution and law enforcement. We have learned that if issues related to workplace discrimination, harassment and violence are left unaddressed, the workplace will only deteriorate. Workplace morale and productivity will suffer. Employers will have a greater risk of actions under human rights or occupational health and safety law.

What Workplaces Need to Do

Every employer in New York State is required to have a policy and provide employees with sexual harassment training.

HR Proactive’s Anti- Sexual Harassment Workshop Materials

HR Proactive’s training and policy kit offers a cost effective sustainable solution for any size employer to be compliant with sexual harassment in the workplace. Our customizable materials will allow you to conduct a professional/interactive workshop to train employees. We take a complex topic like sexual harassment and make it easy to understand with real-life examples. Everything is included in our package to exceed government requirements and make it effortless for employer’s to implement. We save you countess hours of work having conducted the research and development for you. Our training and policy package includes: sample well crafted sexual harassment policy and professional PowerPoint Presentation(s) and 2 video DVDs (one for employees and one for supervisors). The kit also includes: Sexual l Harassment Quiz and Answer Key, Case Studies for Discussion, Manager Checklist, Certificate of Completion, etc.

Our company prides itself on being the best price for the best quality for your compliance training needs!

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  • Toll Free: 1-888-552-1155
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  • Toll Free: 1-888-552-1155
  • Email: sales@hrproactive.com